Plastics certainly do not have a good reputation, especially packaging. Embracing a plastic-free approach may seem like the easiest solution in many cases, but are we sure it is also the right choice in environmental terms, especially when considering the full life cycle impact of different materials?

A lot of news and research that could enrich the debate on sustainability or at least raise some doubts about the equation plastic = enemy of the environment number one, often do not get the space they deserve. Hence the need expressed by Unionplast to create a new channel of information and communication.


It is essential to sort plastic packaging, but it is just as important to sort the news about it. This is the idea behind Raccoltala Giusta: a sorted collection of information about plastics.

RaccoLtala Giusta is a “container” of in-depth information on plastics and, more generally, on sustainability that takes different forms without altering the substance of the message. This is the concept behind

  • a communication campaign, consisting of 8 video clips produced together with the Lampo TV production company and promoted online.
  • It is the name of a sito web and related social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok, LinkedIn) where a constructive debate will be opened with anyone wishing to explore and discuss the issue. These channels will also promote virtuous behaviours linked to the correct disposal and recycling of materials and will investigate many false myths about plastic.
  • Raccoltala Giusta will be the signature of a series of other activities that will reinforce the message from an integrated perspective: webinars, podcasts, influencer marketing campaigns (ChopSway!) and direct email marketing.

Caleidos is also supporting Unionplast/Federazione Gomma Plastica in its sponsorship of the 33rd edition of the Marketing for Universities Award, a competition dedicated to students that began over 30 years ago and has been run by the Italian Marketing Society since 2006. The students involved will deal with the subject of plastic packaging and propose solutions to increase the image of sustainability of the material, reducing its risks and enhancing its opportunities.