To support the launch of an improved version of Debic Culinaire Original, the cooking cream specially designed for food service professionals, and, at the same time, debunk the misconceptions associated with the use of the ingredient in specific preparations.


Culinaire Original gets even better. A journey to rediscover the use of cream in Italian cuisine, in the company of starred pastry chef Luca Montersino. Traditional techniques and preparations and a pinch of courage: what it takes to create truly original interpretations.

At the heart of the project, a landing page hosting all the contents generated for the campaign:

  • 10 new Culinaire Original recipes, collected in a downloadable file
  • 4 video recipes
  • 4 Chef Montersino’s secrets
  • 1 interview

To support the activity: a digital strategy underpinned by a funnel campaign, which, proceeding through the stages of Awareness, Consideration and Intent, yielded excellent results in terms of coverage and clicks turning into leads.

video and photo credits: GeggiTagliafico