Starting a path, which has the first step in the creation of a new site, capable of strengthening the awareness and digital identity of Enginia, an Italian company, leader in the aeraulic sector.


A new website able to convey the identity and values ​of a company that has been for years the industry leader, and to present in an effective and functional way the vast offer in terms of solutions and products proposed.

Enginia proudly states that “the most important value is the human one”. It’s an open and cosmopolitan company made up of people from different countries, united by a great spirit of belonging. The importance that the human factor has for the company is evidenced by an ad hoc photo shooting, which focuses on the “faces” of Enginia.

Thanks to the passion and professionalism of the people who make up the Enginia team, the air is transformed into something concrete, it becomes a project, product, service. Hence the statement: We are Enginia. The Air Shapers.

In addition to this, the strategy includes the management of the company’s LinkedIn page and a Dem programme.

Photo credits: Lilith photo