Digital consultant

Non stop digital trends researcher

Graduated in Industrial design at the University of Buenos Aires and in Furniture design at Politecnico of Milano. He has been working in several projects for different departments and labs at Politecnico di Milano University. He was  part of the research group behind the release of WebML (Visual modelling notation). He is co-founder at uQR.me (IoT service) and co-founder and COO at MintyPASS.com (Retail Infinity-channel solution). Since 1998, he has worked as consultant helping creating innovative digital products and services for Institutions and global brands, among others: Coca-Cola, Mtv, Telecom, PepsiCo, AmBev, IKEA, Pierre Fabre, Volkswagen, Heineken, Nestlé, Mondadori, SPAR, Audi, operating as trends researcher and developer of new digital products, ARvertising, rich internet applications, domotics interaction, interactive comm, entertainment prod, web design, SEO, brand and retail design. and in digital strategic marketing. Since 2008 he collaborates with Caleidos.